Saturday, June 15, 2013

Evening supper with locally grown and raised foods

Well today was a good day overall. Of course I picked today to go to the Corvallis Farmers Market, on the day that the University had graduation. Of course I didn't count on the traffic. That part wasnt fun.

But despite that, I was a woman on a mission! I was looking for bangers, and only one vendor sells them at that market. I had tried some delicious ones at Kells Irish Pub in Portland not that long ago, and I was craving them again. Lucky for me that they're also made from grass raised beef. Oh boy!

I found them and got lucky, they had plenty in stock, and I got them and some ground beef and short ribs. My mouth was salivating just thinking about enjoying them. And I will tell ou now, that grass raised meats taste ever so much better than what the grocers sell. And it's worth every penny. And I eat much less meat when it's grass raised.
I also got some lovely organic asparagus, broccoli rabe and pastured eggs.

So my idea was to have an Irish breakfast in the morning, well, I couldn't wait. So I diced up a couple local yellow potatoes, chopped a few stalks of rabe and chopped some onion. Fried them in coconut oil with parsley, garlic, salt and pepper till tender, then added the bangers. Smelled like heaven!

When the bangers were done, I removed all of that to my plate and fried the eggs, yolks runny please!, and put them on top.

Well, I can say they were so delicious, and despite the cats offering to help me eat it, I think I was a bit selfish, and ate it myself!

Simple meal, gluten free, that I could create in one skillet in the tiny thing in here that I think is called a stove!

Eggs are good at any time of the day or for any meal. Last week it was locally caught gorgeous salmon with potatoes and eggs on top. Try a fried egg on top of pasta, you won't eat plain pasta again! Even a fried egg sandwich on gluten free bread.

I love farmers markets. So many wonderful things. I found amazing goat cheeses, (that I did not buy today) but no fresh goats milk or yogurt sadly. And the berries are starting to come in. I wish I had a kitchen so I could make some jams and wines with them. You can pick them all over out here. Oh yeah, I'll be back to both markets!

And I will urge you to try grass raised meats, so much more tender and taste so much better! Now maybe I can find duck eggs somewhere and fresh goats milk!

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