Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little tips and gems for gluten free foods....

So since I've heard they're going to open one of my favorite world cuisine markets here in my small city, I've been anxiously awaiting their opening.

Well... This morning they announced they'll be opening this Saturday! Oh that makes me so joyous!

You see, I discovered by shopping at the one in Albuquerque, 60miles away, that there are many, many wonderful foods and goodies that are naturally produced gluten free from other countries.

Our market is called Talin Market World Food Fare. Their website doesn't do them justice with all the fabulous foods they carry. But within you can find foods from Cuban cuisine, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Sweden, Germany, India, Pakistan, and many more.
Thai Coconut Roll Cookies!

I have found a HUGE variety of Asian rice noodles to try, all GF, some seaweed noodles, Buckwheat noodles, products from the sea, and fresh produce for goodies like Dragon fruits, Jackfruits, Lychees. Then there are my favorites, Thai Coconut Roll cookies and Mochi Balls from Japan. OH YUMMY!
Wide Flat Vietnamese Rice Noodles

Mochi Balls packaging
You see if you explore other cuisines and foods from those countries, you would be very surprised at all the fun things to try. And I can tell you that you can get amazing coconut milks, coconut creams all without additives to the product. Like Savoy Coconut Cream, which is amazing plain in coffee. Quite often you can also find GF flours like sorghum and rice and tapioca there in bulk and cheaper sometimes per pound than some places.

You can find a huge amount of curry sauces to try, broths, fish sauces, traditional soy sauces (the real thing some without the wheat!), and the produce from all over the world to include at least 5 different types of bananas even! Oh and fresh Manioc/Yuca/Tapioca root to prepare fresh, mashed, etc. Love Yuca prepared Cuban style.

Wondering what Mochi balls are? They're made with very sticky rice and usually a plain red bean paste which is sweet. They're addictive.

And in my humble opinion, I like the Asian rice and glass noodles for soups and stir frying. They hold up so well, freeze well and reheat without falling apart.

So if you have either a world cuisine/food market like Talin or some Asian markets in your area, yeah, I urge you to go explore. You might be surprised what you can find. It can open up new ideas about foods and help you on your path to celebrate the world of amazing flavors and foods! Go explore your area, see what inspires you, explore new tastes and have a blast doing it! 

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