Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome and first post!

Welcome to the blog! First off, I won't tell you all that I will be consistent with my posts, I simply have a lot happening in my life lately. Least of all is getting my second edition of No Wheat? No Sweat! published as an ebook. 

My hopes here are to interact with you all about questions, share recipes and tips and links to things to know. I know that if you're starting out into the gluten-free or other food intolerance journey you'll go through the stage of depression over all the foods that you may have loved and have been told you can no longer have them. In my humble opinion, this is the wrong way to approach this, especially from the medical community. They are big on scolding and being adamant on "what you cannot have" anymore. Personally I think they need to approach it as these are all the wonderful things you can have and explore in the food world while being mindful of the names and things you should avoid on your road to health. Perhaps if they approached it this way, we wouldn't have felt so deprived and felt that there was nothing out there good to eat anymore!

Well, I did go through that stage myself. Especially when there wasn't a lot of traditional good tasting products out there for those of us who had no idea how to bake or convert a food to gluten-free. So I set out to learn as much as I could, and I'm still learning, and trying and experimenting! And I've discovered all these wonderful foods that are already gluten, or corn-free from so many cuisines. And I'm always up to trying to convert something that looks so yummy that is made with conventional flours to gluten-free. Quite often I'm successful, and I've certainly had my failures!

So, don't give up hope! There is a whole amazing world of incredible foods out there to explore and eat and try! Hopefully we'll have fun on this journey and be ever so much healthier and happier for it!

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